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Telescopic Ladder
Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic Ladder

Item No. Material Length(m) OpenSize(cm) Package Size(cm) G.w/N.w(kg) 20/40/40HQ(pcs)
PG1-00001 Aluminium 2.0 46*6.5*200 46.5*7.9*70 5.4/4.7 1050/2200/2280
PG1-00002 Aluminium 2.6 46.8*7.5*260 47.5*8.7*76 7.4/6.9 890/1800/2100
PG1-00003 Aluminium 3.2 47.5*8.4*320 48.5*9.5*82 9.7/9.2 740/1500/1700
PG1-00004 Aluminium 3.8 48.3*9.0*380 49.5*10.3*88 11.5/11 600/1200/1500


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Telescopic Ladder
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