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15-Degree Coil Siding Nailer Gun
15-Degree Coil Siding Nailer Gun

15-Degree Coil Siding Nailer Gun

 [Fitment]:Siding gun is suitable for assembly and maintenance of pallets, barrels,drums, export wooden boxes, wooden fences, crates.General construction applications include: siding, wainscoting, flooring, decorative panels and sheathing.
[Material]: Roofing nailer's lightweight and smooth aluminum body, soft and comfortable rubber feet help prevent damage to the working surface and protect the body.
Coil Framing Nailer,Magazine Capacity 225~300 nails,Nail Head Dia.5.0~7.0mm(0.197"~0.276"),Nail shank Dia. 2.3~2.9mm (0.091"~0.113"),Nail Length 45~70mm (1-3/4"~2-3/4").
[Advantage]: The siding nail gun coil has a large capacity, which can hold 225~300 nails at a time.The side loading tank and fast drive of the power siding nailers greatly improve the efficiency, the trigger of the hit mode, fast fire rate, high efficiency, stable and durable.The head of the vinyl siding stapler has an exhaust port, which can exhaust the air pressure generated during work and improve the efficiency of use.
[Easy to install]: Finishing nail gun‘s the operation is simple, put in the nails and start working, and the equipment can be equipped to make the work more efficient. (Not including nails)

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15-Degree Coil Siding Nailer Gun
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