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16-Degree Wide Crown Stapler
16-Degree Wide Crown Stapler

16-Degree Wide Crown Stapler

[Fitment]: Wide crown stapler is suitable for wire lathes; slats, furniture frames, stucco; foam board insulation; house wraps;roof; fences; pallets; insulation sheaths; crate assembly; cabinets Framework and general structure.
[Material]: The brad nailer pneumatic adopts aluminum body and aluminum magazine. It has strong weight, good balance, not easy to rust, strong.
[Specification]: Framing nailer gun,Magazine Capacity 150 staples,Nail shank Dia. 1.6x1.4mm 16Ga.Nail Crown 15/16" 23.8mm,Nail Length 16~50mm (5/8"~2").
[Advantages]: The lightweight and high-strength aluminum body of the cordless framing nailer gun reduces the burden on the work, and has long-lasting safety and influence. The use of a one-piece drive blade increases durability. The contact actuates the striker to shoot and increases the speed. Easy-to-load magazine,with a slippery pushback, which can control the number of nails that you can work. With vent holes, reduce the pressure during work. Can be used all day.
[Easy to install]: Power finish nailer‘s simple operation, easy to equip, insert the trachea, put in the nails, adjust the speed and shooting degree you want, and then you can start working.(Not including nails)

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16-Degree Wide Crown Stapler
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