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C Clamp Locking Pliers
C Clamp Locking Pliers

C Clamp Locking Pliers

The C-clamp is made of high quality A3 steel for rugged durability and features large opening jaws for greater versatility when clamping a variety of shapes

Our adjustable woodworking locking jaws offer the versatility of standard locking jaws. The handle can be adjusted by simply turning the screw and the handle can remain adjusted for repeated use. The swivel pad can accommodate tapered work, awkward fabrication jobs and delicate projects without damaging the work surface

Made of nickel-plated alloy steel, these C-clamp locking pliers are designed to be the most durable tool in your kit. Our C-clamp welding tools are built to last with professional clamping force that won't slide as the jaws are forged and made of 45-gauge steel

C-clamp locking pliers feature ergonomically designed, anti-pinch handles for a comfortable use experience. The mock handle contributes to the torque-locking design, thus ensuring a firm grip

Hardened wide jaws provide better clamping force on jobsite materials for woodworking, welding and more

SKU Length Carton/QTY(pcs) G.W/N.W.(kgs) MEAS(cm)
YY-NEO HP 0035 16.5cm/6” 60 44509 56x24x23
YY-NEO HP 0036 22.5cm/9.5” 36 26.2/25.2 47.5x31x27.5
YY-NEO HP 0037 28cm/11” 24 14.7/12.7 37x35x28
YY-NEO HP 0038 45cm/18” 12 32/30 55.5x17.5x20
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C Clamp Locking Pliers
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