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56 Pcs Impact Driver Bit Set
56 Pcs Impact Driver Bit Set

56 Pcs Impact Driver Bit Set

[Specifications and packaging]:
56 Pcs Impact Screwdriver and Drill Bit Set.
32pcs 25mm(L) bits:2XPH1,5XPH2,2XPH3,SQ1,4XSQ2,SQ3,2XT-15,2XT-20,3XT-25,2XHex1/8",2XHex5/32",2XHex3/16",2XHex1/4",Slotted #8,Slotted #10.
15pcs 50mm(L) bits:4XPH2,PH3,3XSQ2,SQ3,T-20,2XT-25,Hex5/32",Hex3/16",Slotted #10.
3pcs nut driver 3/16",1/4",5/16".
2pcs socket adapter 1-1/4"HEX to 1/2",1-1/4"HEX to 3/8".
3pcs impact twist drill bit:1/8",13/16",1/4".
1pc 60mm(L) bits holder.
All are packed in cloth bags.

[Fitment]:[Fitment]:Impact twist and screwdriver bits, includes titanium drill bit,phillips,hex,phillips,torx and square and etc.Suitable for any electric screwdriver, electric hand drill and pneumatic tools, can help you in any maintenance and repair.A practical tool bag for the family, a good helper,and general building or engineering use.

[Material]:The screwdriver bit is made of high-quality steel S2. Its elastic deformation ability can make it bear a certain load.The impact twist drill is made of high-speed steel, which is sturdy and durable. The surface is plated with titanium and is corrosion-resistant.The nut drivers are made of Cr-V (50BV30),strong and wear-resistant,has better hardenability and toughness.The socket adapter is made of spring steel (6150), improves strength and toughness, and has high fatigue strength.

[Advantage]:The size of the screwdriver bit is precise and accurate. Each bit has a laser mark for easy identification. The chamfered design of the head enlarges the contact area, is not easy to wear, and is durable and compressive.The magnetic extended drill bit holder can hold the drill bit more firmly, prevent it from falling during use, and release it quickly.1/4 hex shank fits all quick change systems and standard drill chucks.

[Quick Replacement, Easy Installation]:The hex shank of the impact screwdriver and drill bit set is suitable for any power tool.It can lock quickly, replace the chuck, and is equipped with a cloth bag and a locking port,maintain a safe connection with our drill bit to minimize falling and shaking,very suitable for work and easy to take away.

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56 Pcs Impact Driver Bit Set
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