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Team outdoor development experiential training interactive program

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On May 25th, Changzhou Yiyi and Changzhou Taiyu went to Xinmatai Ecological Farm for group construction activities.

Design ideas:

Based on the current situation to the customer to understand, on the basis of a preliminary framework for team cohesion and team smelting course. The English translation

Project objectives:

Warming up-Transfer energy:


Through team warm-up, break ice, improve everyone's state and morale, quickly integrate everyone into the current training environment and atmosphere.

Set up each team, form the competition form, establish the competition rule, select the team leader.

Divided into 4 groups of activities:




The power of the rope


Project objectives:

Cultivate members to work closely together, United team cohesion and overall awareness. Cultivate the indomitable spirit of the students' tenacious struggle and hard work. In the face of great difficulties, only unity can achieve success. Understand the important role played by leadership and the great significance of execution. Realize that the spirit of dedication is often the foundation of the success of an enterprise. Team trust and team spirit to create one of the best expansion projects; train the cohesion within the team and between the regiment; feel the importance of trust and help more deeply, try to achieve the goals that are difficult to achieve; Train students to work together and do their best With a sense of responsibility to achieve the goals, fully experience the importance of everyone in the team and the team spirit of honor and disgrace.

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