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How to keep the hammer

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Hammer manufacturers related to the staff told us that now the hammer has an important role, we can say that our life is inseparable from it, but in peacetime, how should we keep the hammer? Here let us know about it!

We should all know that this hammer is more resistant to corrosion, so in the production, it is toughness and strength coefficient is a very high demand, when we use it, it should be needed Note that the use of it, intermittent percussion, the only way to be able to timely removal of the product parts of the sticky debris, and then continue to use it, in the course of the use of timely removal of debris and surface corrosion of the oxidation Things, these are what we need to do, and that is after the completion of the use of the need for timely wiping it to keep its surface clean and tidy.

There is after the completion of the use, we need to be a good storage, it should be as much as possible so that the hammer in a dry environment. So that it can ensure the quality of its use, hope that the majority of users can be aware of this problem.
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