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Claw hammer in the course of the use of anti-corrosion

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We use the claw hammer is not only to pay attention to his use and quality, but also need to make the appropriate maintenance, such as how to solve the problem of anti-corrosion, then how to pay attention to anti-corrosion.

Explosion-proof media are not corrosion-resistant in all cases, such as wet ammonia, certain ammonium salts, acetylene, moist fluorine, chlorine, chromium ammonium, some dichromate, potassium and other media, by The degree of corrosion is quite large. And some media and copper alloy contact will occur after the chemical reaction, the formation of highly dangerous explosives, such as acetylene and steel synthesis of acetylene steel. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof tools as far as possible in a dry environment, if it is impossible to avoid the use in humid environments, as far as possible to speed up the operation and reduce working hours, in order to avoid causing greater corrosion and dangerous.

Claw hammer in the use of timely wipe clean, is strictly prohibited with corrosive media with the total storage, so that it can be very effective to avoid its rot, the effect is very good.
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