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Use octagonal hammer to pay attention to what

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Octagonal hammer is now widely used by people, and its use to bring a lot of help, but in the use of it, there is a need to pay attention to what the problem? Let us let us know a detailed look! Will be helpful to you!

First in the use of time, we must pay attention to the hammer and hammer handle to determine that he is strong, if there is loosening, it is necessary to timely wedge fastening or re-replace the hammer handle, followed by in order to hit a certain Of the flexibility, the handle of the middle of the top of the place than the end of a little narrow, there is not allowed to quench the hammer, are not allowed to crack and burrs, found that the flash spines should be timely dressing. In the use of the process, need to pay attention to it is not able to stand around, otherwise it will be dangerous.

The above is when we use the need to pay special attention to the question, do you know it, we are in line with the purpose of serving people, to provide people with quality products and services, so what, come and buy our products Well, look forward to your arrival!
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