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Claw hammer hammer slippers should do

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Claw hammer in the use of its process, some products will appear hammer handle slippery phenomenon, then in the day when, in the face of this situation, what should we do? Let us know about the following! Helpful for you!

In fact, manufacturers in the production of it, will take into account its friction, because of this, so in the production of time, it needs to increase in some of its aircraft carrier pattern, or change the material to prevent it Slippery phenomenon, if it is not timely to make adjustments, then it will give people the use of a lot of trouble. So when the production, its handle in accordance with palm-shaped design, grip, can minimize the impact of shock, and can greatly reduce the slippage.

Do not know the above explanation you know it, if you have any questions, you can consult us, for your questions, we will make a comprehensive explanation, I hope you will help!
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