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What is the temperature control requirement of the hammer?

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Hammer manufacturers tell us that when we are in the production of hammer, it is necessary to pay attention to its temperature control, then what is the temperature of its requirements? Here let us know about it!

In fact, when the production, mainly on its temperature is two requirements, the first is the constant temperature, the requirements of the hammer and the verification tool must be consistent with the test site temperature is possible, followed by the temperature is required to detect the location must be Constant, even in the detection process, if its temperature changes, it is also the need for strict control, the only way to be able to produce high-quality products, so as to better use it.

It can be seen that the requirements of temperature and humidity are equally important for the hammer manufacturers' products, and it is necessary to increase the time between the verification tool and the temperature of the tested hammer, which is conducive to reducing the possibility of hammer deformation.

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