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Rubber tube with a variety of excellent resistance to stamping

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Each of the production of their own products are a variety of excellent performance, in this case may be better development and application, as a professional manufacturer, over the years specializing in rubber tube and other related products production and supply , It is understood that most of the rubber tube with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, but some require a higher oil and gas pipe, rubber material added in the flame retardant, flame retardant containing toxic and harmful substances on the human body and the atmosphere will have a slight impact.
In addition, such high-quality rubber tube also has a physiological inert, resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone resistance, high and low temperature (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression is not permanent deformation, oil, Wear, flame retardant, withstanding voltage, conductive and other excellent performance. At present, it has been widely used in matching electrical, electronic, furniture, equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, aviation, For many materials non-stick, can play a role in isolation and other fields.
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